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Apparently the Snow Queen was filming with teen!Emma today.





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#look at these precious idiots #they’re both so screwed and they know it

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Snow being adorably excited for her daughter’s first ball date

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Anonymously tell me what you think of me. Don’t sugarcoat it. I am just genuinely intrigued.

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What if when Killian escorted Emma home, Snowing are not in the apartment? What if he come in for a "coffee"? Please write something?


I think I like coffee better than tacos…here you go.  Thanks artielu for letting me email you CS sexy time headcanons.

the parts and the whole

They are just leaving dinner when his pocket buzzes.

Killian thinks it’s his hand at first, since it’s at his side (the other hand rests on the small of Emma’s back, the heat of her body burning him through the thin material of her dress) but he soon realizes that it is not, in fact, his hand.  It is the telephone that Emma has given him, buzzing and vibrating and when he pulls it out of his pants pocket, Emma’s name is on the display.

“Swan, why are you contacting me?” he asks her, and she turns (body brushing close to his – she is no longer opposed to contact, coming closer and closer with each step).  She takes the phone from him with a frown, studying it before pressing a few buttons.

“It’s Mary Margaret – she’s using my phone,” Emma explains.  “I must have left it at the loft.”

“What’s wrong – have they found Elsa’s sister?” Killian asks, and he would be lying if he said he wasn’t just a bit disappointed.  He had wanted one night without snow queens or even thieves (he remembers his hand on the thief in the restaurant, the way he was so angry, so frustrated).   But Emma just shakes her head.

“No…no, Neal won’t go to sleep, so they’re going to Granny’s with Elsa for pie, then they’re going for a walk around town to settle him down.”  The phone vibrates again.  Emma raises her eyebrows, tilts her head to the side.  “It also appears I left my keys at the loft so the plan is that they’ll let me know when they’re almost home.”  One more vibration, and Emma smiles.  “She hopes our date is going well.”

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hahahaha i tagged dw as ouat by accident and a lot of times i type outlander as ouatlander

I tag Outlander as Ouatlander all the time! Glad to hear I’m not the only one! 

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Been posting so much captain swan, I just tried to tag a Doctor Who post as Captain Swan.

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 #someone explain to me how i dont even watch this show but i feel the chemistry


I live for these tags.

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4x05 stills (x)

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